Be a Local Influence


Reduce travel expenses  

Represent your community

Foster community awareness

Promote equity and inclusion

Promote environmental stewardship

Belong to a network of diverse Changemakers 

Explore and discover Alberta 

Be a Local Impact 


Affordable marketing

Marketed to diverse demographics

Simultaneously targeted to specific demographics

Represented for positive community impact

A network of like-minded businesses

Promoted as a tourism destination  

Be a Local Source


Affordable marketing

Promoted within tourism

Promote environmental stewardship

Network of like-minded producers

Champion food sovereignty in Alberta

Foster awareness to current challenges and benefits of local agriculture

Collaborative Members



Bringing together all things good.


Our vision and values are towards inspired, connected and diverse community. 

If you or your organization would like to join us in supporting locals of Influence and Impact we would love to collaborate with you! 

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Alberta Local is a partner we can easily get behind!

An initiative created to support and highlight local, farmers, artists and independent businesses across the province. Alberta Local is asking Alberta to make the effort to support your community by reducing big box and Amazon purchases and support local. 


You can follow Alberta Local for more details;

  • Eat Alberta Local-  a project in partnership with a local Alberta Chef Chef Phil Mayo based in Red Deer, highlighting ingredients from local farms and offering recipes that bring farm fresh, local food directly to your table. 

  • Wildrose Magazine- an E-magazine highlighting quality ‘Wild Rose’ businesses. Sometimes hard to find, but representing the beauty of Alberta.


Alberta Local and Local Up share the vision of collaborations being the way forward for small businesses and farms. Reaching across rural and urban divides, we are working together to build a road map to everything Alberta. 


“We are proud to partner with Local Up and know we have many exciting projects ahead, in support of our same mission of supporting local...stay tuned!”