We are a social enterprise, offering affordable social media promotions in exchange for travel or admission costs and expenses. 


Social Media- Facebook and Instagram


$40/ story

$10/ travel story page

Alternatively, host a voluntourist or Accessible Travel Group free of charge.


In addition, we are actively building travel routes representing the best of Alberta and will incorporate your business to relevant tours. 

* please note that we cannot promote low quality businesses and services. You assume the risk of incurred expenses if we determine that we cannot promote your business or product. 

Accessible Travel


For kids, seniors, people with disabilities and others at risk of being marginalized by economic status, race, ethnicty, etc.


Supported Travel

$27/ hr, includes support care and transport, does not include expenses


Guided Tours

$17/ hour, does not include support care or transport

Options: Customized tours of Strathmore and Didsbury 

Contact us for details 


Travel Planning

$20 Booking fee 

Contract fees available for frequent travellers, ie. day programs, field trips, homeschoolers and assisted living facilities

Save yourself the research and give us a call. Tell us about your party, group, interests and budget.

We will do our best to reduce your travel expenses, special consideration for positive online reviews and social media promotions

*expenses are significantly reduced by collaborative partners and community focused businesses

* We are actively working toward removing barriers, please be patient and understanding if our services are limited based on a travellers mobility or support needs.



We are seeking dynamic volunteers who enjoy travel, meeting new people and are passionate about social and environmental justice.

Imagine traveling locally, making a difference and saving money all at the same time!


Special consideration to volunteers who;

  • represent a specific travel demographic
    ie. young families, outdoor adventurists, etc.

  • well versed on issues surrounding social or environmental justice

  • experience in journalism, writing or blogging

  • expertise in social media management and marketing



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