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Impact Travel 

Bringing together all things good.

About Us

Local Up, Collaborative Projects is our response to a heightened community awareness of social and environmental justice, coupled with the need to relax and enjoy the good things around us.

Impact Travel is about vacationing here at home and supporting the local leaders who will assure Alberta our best future. Farmers, producers and small businesses who are creating jobs, providing sustainable food, preserving our heritage, and fostering awareness, all while building our local economy. 


Our Core Values


Promoting local talent, entrepreneurs and change makers



Neighbours and businesses collaborating on behalf of the community  


Acknowledging the interconnected health of people and the earth


Honouring and advancing progress towards full equity, acceptance and solidarity in Alberta 

Marketing for Small Businesses

Affordable marketing

Opportunity in travel collaboratives

Champion social and environmental justice 



Reduced travel expenses  

Represent your community

Champion social and environmental justice

Belong to a network of diverse changemakers 

Explore and discover Alberta 

Accessible Travel


Equal opportunity in local travel

Experiential education

Meaningful community engagement

Connecting to the outdoors

Physically active travel

Our Services

Our Mission
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